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HEAR YE!, Hear YE!

Parents, are you looking for a fun and educational after school program?

Are you looking for a hobby for your child that invites creativity, encourages teamwork, and will help to reinforce the lesson taught within their school day?

DUNGEONS  AND DRAGONS CLUB is the after school club for your child! 

According to an article entitles How 'Dungeons & Dragons' Primes Students for Interdisciplinary Learning, Including STEM', from Public Radio station KQED, in Texas, students who have been involved with Dungeons and Dragons (DND) and other Role Playing Games (RPGs), out performed their peers (click here for the article).

The Question of course is why?

  To start with, DND/RPGs encourage multidisciplinary answers to complex problems which must be solved within the world of the RPG. Furthermore, Emily Gaudette, argues that The Educational Value of Dungeons and Dragons, (which happens to be the title of her essay and  you can it read here), that students not only out perform their peers, but are also more likely to have better interpersonal relationships and communication skills. 

  One last positive correlation is the direct connection between the use imagination, creative thought processes and the use of cross curricula thought to solve the challenges presented within DND.  More information on the topic can be found by clicking here.

If this sounds like a fun, positive (and secretly educational) after school activity, please sign up using the calendar located to the left of this article, and we will see you on the at the DND table!

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