2021 Summer Of Fun !

Who Says Cartoons Aren't Educational?

  With summer on it's way, the last thing your child wants is to be in a classroom setting. TruNorth's Summer Of Fun is here to help! TruNorth Theatre believes that when learning is fun kids (like adults), are more engaged in learning and retain the information they learn at a higher rate (and most modern educational pedagogy agrees with us too). 

  Our classes are small. We only allow 15 students a class. Sure, large classes provide a larger pay out for some non-profits. We prefer to keep the classes small. Anything more than 15 students we feel and  fear we would not be providing the quality of education that your students deserve. We want you to feel that your child is learning, not merely being babysat.  

How to Draw Cartoon Characters 

Beginning Wed. June 2, 2021, 5pm-6pm.

Ages 7- 12

In this class your child will be trained how to draw classic cartoon characters while being trained in color theory, math, anatomy,  history as well as skill of creating line art. 

Comic Book Art

Beginning Wed. June 3, 2021, 5pm-7pm.

Ages 12- Adult

In this class you or your child (maybe both?!), will be design, draw and paint your own paintings of some of their favorite Super Heros, Anime/Manga , and Classic Cartoon Characters in differing styles of art.  During this four week program your student will be having to call upon math, science, and history to create their own artistic pieces.  

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