The TruNorth Theatre presents



By Michael Hollinger


GHOST-WRITER is presented by arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc, New York


GHOST-WRITER was originally produced by The Arden Theatre Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This play was developed with the support of PlayPenn, Paul Meshejian, Artistic Director



MYRA BABBAGE        Dana Morrison

FRANKLIN WOOLSEY    Mark Hasbargen

VIVIAN WOOLSEY        Patti Clemo


The play will be performed without an intermission.


Directed by John Clemo

Stage Manager:  Eric Wanek


Scene Construction by Eric Wanek and Timothy Rosin

Lighting Design by Timothy Rosin

Lights Operation, Chris Koppinger

Sound Operation, Heather Metcalf

Costume Design and Creation by Michele Oster Renner


Special Thanks:

Todd Mitchell

Bismarck/Mandan Parks and Recreation 

The Bismarck Tribune


We would like to thank our Friends and Followers around the country who have donated their time, their advice, and have given to our various fundraisers over the past year:


Zach Christman                Misti McClellan            

Diane Similuk Clemo            Erin Macleod

Shannon Bath Clemo            Moira McNichols

Shawn L. Durr                Janet Merriman

Karen Ellery                Gary Minyard

Gwen Gautsch                Dana Morrison

Vicki Greenleaf                Todd Neal

David Harnois                Trace Oakley

Timothy Haugh                John Ogle

Christie Iverson                Elizabeth Robinson

Dan Jackson                Tina Sabuco

Barbara Brandt Kinter            Denise Stevenor

Emily Kubischta                Mitzi Petrick Sundheim

Eric Kubischta                Catherine Twomey

Judy Kubischta                Patrick K. Walsh

Michael Kunnari            

Jerica Massey



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