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The TruNorth Theatre presents

BOOM, By Peter Sinn Nachtrieb

 Presented through Special Arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.


Jules- Rob Sandness


Jo- Shaylee Meyers 



The play you are about to view is replacing our musical this year.

To put this into a sports metaphor, sometimes you can’t field a baseball team. That is just the way it is. 

At TruNorth we don’t necessarily view these moments as failures.  We believe in what we call the Pixar model.

A style of leadership made famous by Jon Laster and Andrew Stanton of Pixar fame.  

This form of leadership  celebrates the learning process and understands that failure is apart of that process.

So under that lense, failure isn really failing. It is learning.

Learning what is working, and what is not and doing so quickly.

This allows for innovation and for evolution of the project into something new, often better,

and most importantly in my opinion different in a way that allows for success.  


To accept such feedback isn’t an easy task; hubris, pride, and our own belief that somehow

it is our fault for the project not working all come into play. All affect us in several ways.

For those who don’t believe this walk into an empty audition room sometime.

You will see the whole team, director, producer and on down the line, light up. Instantly.

The relief and hope that occurs is beyond imagining, I assure you. 


Boom takes us to a time prior to cellphones with texting abilities, before online gaming was commonplace

and to a time when Brittany, hadn’t shaved her head yet, JT was yet to be a solo act, and Keanu Reeves was

still a meme for saying things like “I know Kung Fu” and wearing black raincoats made from PVC.

  Boom is a play firmly ensconced in the time between Y2k and directly prior to  9/11. Two “What if” moments.

 Hope. This is a play ultimately about hope and the resilience of our species. We are a crazy, awesome people.

Daring, brave and yes sometimes stupid. But as the play notes, we would nothing had it not been for these moments of crazy, stupid bravery.

I could wax philosophical about the mean and depth of this play, the implications of the sea life and fishes mentioned, etc.

At the end of the day though, this is a play about the hope that comes from chaos. Entropy to order, then to entropy again…

Chaos. Order. Chaos. With a dash of hope tossed in for flavor.

One last thing- if you're reading this, first of all, thank you.  As a small theatre, TruNorth lives and dies by 

word of mouth. We try our best to advertise, but, it is expensive. We also know that you- our loyal clients are our best form of advertising.

To that end, thank you. Thank you for telling your friends and maybe even dragging them along for a nights of 

theatre. We like to think that once you've experienced a live show, that you'll be back

(were still cheaper than  the movies and our stories are about human connection).

We joke about encouraging you to bring a friend - but its really true. there is no other way that better grow a company. 

So, sit back , relax and have a laugh at the fragility of our society and Mathematically improbability that we should 

even be here. Then wonder as we celebrate and even marvel at this self -same species for its ability to adapt, grow and survive. 

Thanks to:

Ethan Eberle and Bismarck/Mandan Parks and Recreation 


KFYR/IHeart  Radio

North Dakota Today

Todd Mitchell

Bismarck/Mandan Parks and Recreation 

Brian and Roxanne Rosin

Ashley Schrenk

We would like to thank our Friends and Followers around the country who have donated their time, their advice, and have given to our various fundraisers over the past year:

Zach Christman               Misti McClellan            

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Jerica Massey

If you enjoyed the show, please let us know!

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