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The TruNorth Theatre presents, through special arrangement with Dramatist New York:


By Neil Labute

Directed By Ashley Rosin 

A Note from the Director

We all have had a friend, loved one, sibling who entered a relationship with a person who was less than a perfect fit for them. Worse yet is when the relationship fools everyone to start with. Over time they strip away the characteristics of said person which we valued, cherished, and treasured. Slowly they morph, sometimes, most times, without any knowledge that it has even occurred. So, from a certain point, this is a play about relationships. How they affect us. What we are willing to do for the sake of “love”. This is perhaps the larger of two themes within this show. The other is what, or how, does one define what “art” is?


 A wise professor, who now looks something like how I imagined Radagast the Brown from Lord of the Rings, once told me that “art is anything which brings joy or causes a reaction of a sort which we find to be pleasurable and wish to have repeated.” Which is, of course, why art is so hard to define. To a child bright colors and tacky baubles may be art. This explains why things like Pokémon, comic books, and even the Saturday morning cartoons of our youth remain popular.  To others, there is beauty in old bones and forgotten railroad cars. What is art? 


Is a cow bisected and stored in jelly art?  What about an exhibit of cadavers all having had their skins removed so one can see the muscles, sinews, and bones of the body as they are contorted in everyday activities? If no, then why not? If yes, then how does that compare to the work of the great masters? 


These are the pressing questions Labute puts forward and finally challenges us to answer. But not before posing the question why? Why do any of this? Why create? What is the real purpose of art? What is its true shape? And additionally, why create art in the first place?


The Cast

Adam- Anterious Winfield

Evelyn  - Lorrene Schiermeister

Jenny- Hannah Wurl 

Phil- Zach Watson

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Ethan Eberle and Bismarck/Mandan Parks and Recreation 


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Bismarck/Mandan Parks and Recreation 

Brian and Roxanne Rosin

Ashley Schrenk

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