The TruNorth Theatre presents



ANTIGONE (Galantiere) is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc




Chorus            Austin J. Flemmer

Antigone        Monica Henke

Nurse            Morgan Rebenitsch

Ismene            Jessica Enger

Haemon/Guard 2        Eric Wanek

Guard 1            Mark Kuntz

Creon             Chad Litton

Messenger/Guard 3    Charles Ward

Eurydice            Alexis Wanek

Directed by John Clemo

Stage Manager:  Alexis Wanek

Sound Engineer: Rob Sadness

Lighting Engineer: Chris Koppinger


The play will be performed without an intermission.

Special Thanks To:

Michele Oster Renner

Patti Clemo

Bismarck/Mandan Parks and Recreation 

Studio 701

Todd Mitchell and KFYR 

Dakota West Arts Council

North Dakota Council for the Arts

Dickinson State University Theatre Department



Welcome to Season Four:  Whether you are a first-nighter, or a regular patron of the TruNorth Theatre Company, I want to welcome you heartily and thank you warmly for attending our production!


As Artistic Director, I am tasked with choosing a season; and this isn’t always an easy task, given that there have been plays written since B.C., and I’ve only been reading them since 6:30 pm on a Thursday, back in 2018.  So much interesting work, so little space in a five-production season….

Which is why for this season, we have chosen to throw in a few short-run productions, to encourage more auditions from the excellent talent-pool in the Bismarck/Mandan area, to provide more directorial opportunities for those that have worked for us before and wish to expand their talents, and finally, to follow the wishes of our patrons for more opportunities to attend our productions.

Tonight (or this afternoon, if this is a Sunday) The TruNorth Theatre presents their first ‘classic’ theatre production, a modern adaptation of Sophocles’ tragedy ANTIGONE. 

I’ve had my eye on this particular piece for some time, as a way to bring a classic to our stage; it’s an English translation of a French adaptation of an ancient Greek Tragedy; and if you’re head doesn’t explode from trying to wrap it around that triptych, you’ll be surprised, and I hope gratified at how much we still have in common with the characters in this play.  It’s still relevant, even after all these millennia.  


This is our third production of the 2021 season, and we hope you will follow us and we bring you a wide variety of stories as we move along; next up, we bring the Greatest Story Ever Told to life again in the delightful Harry Chapin musical, COTTON PATCH GOSPEL, and wander into the land of spirits and shadows in GHOST-WRITER; and for those who seek old standards, we have limited runs of our inaugural production, SHERLOCK HOLMES AT TWILIGHT, and an experimental version of the classic Holiday tale, A CHRISTMAS CAROL.


As always, we thank you for attending this evening!  


Thanks for coming,

John Clemo, Artistic Director

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