TruNorth Theatre and You 

(A Winning Combination!)

It is no secret that 2020 has been rough on every one. We have all seen the devastation that the Covid-19 Virus has caused. It has been hard on all arts organizations. Exhibitions have gone online entirely. Some art projects rescheduled and sadly, some have even been cancelled. While North Dakota has for the most part been fortunate, sadly, even TruNorth had to temporarily close our doors as well as cancel two shows due to Covid-19. 

So this is where you, our ever generous public come in. We understand three things to be true:

1.We realize that times are tough.

2.We also know that money is tight for every one.

3.We feel it would be in poor taste to ask you merely to donate. 


So this Holiday Season, we ask that you consider donating and we will offer the following incentives:

$10.00 Donation- A Season 4 Poster

$25.00 Donation- A Ticket to our next production. 

$50.00 Donation- Two Tickets to our next production

$100.00 Donation- Family pass (up to 4 people)  to our next production.