Season Four

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Season Four: LEGENDARY​

(All titles pending licensing agreement)


by A. R. Gurney

February 11-14

In a limited run as a special Valentine to our audience, LOVE LETTERS tells of the relationship between Melissa Gardener and Alan Makepeace Thackery III through a correspondence of letters, postcards, and holiday greetings that spans 50 years. Beginning with an invitation to a childhood party, and continuing through college, marriages, divorces, through gains and losses both apart and together; their story defines Love in the truest sense of the word.


by Adam Hummel

February 26-27, March 4-7

In the spirit of the great screwball comedies produced by Hollywood in the early to mid-20th Century, FOOLING THE BEARD is an original farce that follows a cadre of Hollywood studio big-wigs and mucky-mucks, who go to great lengths in a desperate attempt to save the debut of their big-budget action film by keeping their star’s impressively large secret from being revealed to the world by a popular gossip columnist.


by Jean Anouilh, based upon Sophocles

April 30-May 1, May 6-9

Jean Anouilh’s famous adaptation of Sophocles’ tragedy, ANTIGONE follows the daughter of the disgraced King Oedipus, as she defies societal convention, Theban law, and the will of the new King, her Uncle Creon, in order to fulfill a higher purpose. A legend over two millennia old, but as topical as today’s news cycle.


by Tom Key and Russell Treyz

Music and Lyrics by Harry Chapin

August 20-21, 26-29

A musical based upon the best-selling book by Clarence Jordan, COTTON PATCH GOSPEL brings the far-away places of Scripture closer to home: the American South in the middle decades of the 20th Century. With a script from Tom Key and Russell Treyz that is both witty and poignant, combined with songs written by legendary folk singer Harry Chapin, this feel-good musical is as popular today as it was at its debut in 1981.


by Ian Wesley

September 16-19

In a limited run, we re-stage the play that began the TruNorth Theatre, SHERLOCK HOLMES AT TWILIGHT; an original one-man play that finds the great detective Sherlock Holmes once again at his flat in Baker Street, reminiscing about his great cases, his friendship with Dr. John Watson, and coming to terms with the events of his early life that shaped him.


by Michael Hollinger

October 15-16, 21-24

On the eve of finishing his greatest novel, author Franklin Woolsey dies, mid-sentence; but his secretary Myra continues to take his dictation. Attacked by skeptics, the press, and a jealous widow, Myra sets out to prove she is more than just an artful forger. Is she trying to steal Woolsey’s legacy? Or, might she truly possess a gift more…unworldly?

A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Charles Dickens

December (Dates TBA) 

In a limited run, the classic Charles Dickens Christmas story is painstakingly adapted from the source material, and stripped down to its essentials; a lonely miser, a ghostly visitation by his old business partner, and a haunting by a triumvirate of spirits. It is the traditional journey of discovery, not only into the redemption of a single human soul, but the collective soul of a society that seeks to ‘keep Christmas in their hearts all the year long.’

Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one.

 - Stella Adler