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Founded in 2018, TruNorth Theatre strives to provide the people of Bismarck, Mandan and Western North Dakota, with a venue for the theatrical arts that is dedicated to the craft of story telling. TruNorth looks to offer a place where those within the area are able to hone the theatrical crafts be it on stage, from a technical standpoint or in the management of theatrical productions. 



The art of sharing a story onstage with an audience. Using ones body to inhabit a characters and tell their tale.


Scenic Design 

The creation of a set which will help to communicate the time, place, atmosphere and main ideas of a play.


Costume/ Make up

Clothes, make up and how a character wears their hair all can help to communicate something about that character, the internal life and/or the struggle they find themselves in. 


Lighting Design

helps to set the mood, communicate ideas, tell the time of day or the internal emotions of a character. 


Stage Management

The subtle art of keeping a production moving forward, acting as an middle-man,  between the director and the actors as well as a manager for the creative team. 

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